Midnight memories (by Leonie Singer and Niti Parascevi)

Lydia Parker had always hated her life. She wasn’t happy for a long time. She was a dreamy, innocent, white wine drinker with skinny legs and short hair. Her friends saw her a s an attractive, average angel. Once, she ahd even brought a shiny golden retriever puppy back from the brink of death. That’s the sort of woman she was.
Lydia walked over to the window and reflected on her heavenly surroundings. The sun shone like she is on the door to heaven, so bright it seems. Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Melechai Parker. Melechai was a good looking man with green eyes and black hair. Lydia gulped, She was not prepared for Melechai. As Lydia stepped outside an Melechai came closer, she could see the jittery glint in his eye. He looked at her. He said, in hushed tones, “I don’t want to be with u.” Lydia looked back, even more pessimistic and still fingering the chip from the government. “Melechai, I don’t think we should be together,” she replied. They looked at each other with no feelings to be seen.. Lydia regarded Melechai’s green eyes and black hair. “. Then Melechai came inside for a nice drink of white wine.

Lydia began making her way up to the bedroom and layed down on the bed. Slowly she falls asleep.


I wake up on a field full of flowers. The wind is going through my hair and the sun is shining down. I hear birds tewwting. Suddenly I see him. He’s standing at the river in all his beauty. I’m starting to run. “hi”, I said. He’s looking a tme, smiling a little bit an d I already know he is the men I love. “hi, I’m Isaac. Who are you?” “I am Lydia”, I ssaid while smiling a little bit shy. He asked me what I’m Doing here and I could not give an answer. “it is ok”, he said, “you will know it if you are ready for the answer” I agreed in peace and we start to talk more about our life. He told me about his family, his daily life and I’m just listening and thinking “thatÄs my love of my life”. As we laughed and talked over hours, suddenly I hear a knock. I was confused. Where in this nature could be a knock? It doesn’t stop, it becomes more and more. Then I realized. It’s in the real world I’m living.


I was wide awake now. I’m looking scared and almost hopeless through the room, knowing it’s over, because the only people knocking at night, is death himself. The government. I opened the door and see…